Zevachim 54,55 56 Pishpishim Part 2: More Thinking.

Zevachim 54-56 brings back our old friend “the Pishpishim”. This time  Rashi tells us that they are “little doors “on the corner of the Antechamber. Why are they there? The Torah tells us that certain sacrifices must be slaughtered across from the opening or door (“pesach ohel moed.’).  However, the Courtyard of the Temple kind of wraps around so the opening into the Antechamber and Heichal from the Courtyard is not seen in all the corners. To allow for the slaughtering in the areas not in front of the main opening, these “little doors” are made in the corners.  These doors quality to allow more courtyard area to be used for slaughtering.

Again, the SD is struck by the ingenuity and creative thinking.  A problem or obstacle arises due to the requirement found in the Torah and the solution.   It kind of goes to much of the reason for Torah learning. While we learn to understand Gd, to understand ourselves, to understand the universe, to understand mortality, ethics and values… we also learn just to understand.  We learn to think. We learn in order  to perceive a problem, think it through and find a solution.

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  1. Zachary Prensky says:

    I would point out to the Shikker Dovid that way, way, way back in July 2011, this blog was started. And what was the very first post? A note about Balak – our upcoming Parsha. 7 years later… still going strong!

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