Ki Tavo: Speech, Love and Separation

In Parshat Ki Tavo there is a strange pasuk-Chapter 27, sentence 17. It is strange because the word in the pasuk  Amarta  (similiar to the word Lamor) is not really translatable here. The pasuk reads as follows:  Hashem “amorta”  today to be your gd and you will walk in his ways, keeps his laws , commandments, statutes and hear his voice.”

What is strange?: “amarta” which usually means speak or say does not fit here.  Rashi says the following: I have no proof or evidence but here I think the word is used as  “separating or distinguishing”   So the pasuk reads ” Hashem separates today to be your gd and you will walk in his ways.”

How strange! Rashi is not sure how to translate and pulls out a meaning we never see.  The truth is Amor does have another meaning  other than speak. In parshat Emor, Rabbi Schwartz of OZ always saying this refers to ‘love”, as in the romance language word “amore”.  We know the word amore means love from the Frank Sinatra song, when moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.. thats amore.

So Amor has three meanings: 1. speak 2. separate 3. love.  What do all things have in common.  The shikkerdovid would like to use this as  Elul or character remediation lesson. The truth is the shikkerdovid has often said some pretty stupid, sometime hurtful things. Mostly from lack of thought.   This year the Shikkerdovid is intent on correcting.  The Shikkerdovid wants to take his speech, separate out the stupidity and keep the love.

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  1. Jonathan Field says:

    Everyone should try to emulate the Shikker Dovid this year

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