Menachos 20: Joy of Atonement

The truth is the Shikkerdovid has had a really hard time with Menachos. It is beautiful analytical learning, but very dry (pardon the pun-ie dry flour) and the concepts of very technical. But today’s daf hard a glimmer of of Elul and Tishrei.

The Talmud of Minachos  on page 20 is on a very technical discussion about adding salt to sacrifices. It brings a comparison to wine libations. The Talmud asks is the salt connected to the sacrificial parts that are thrown on the altar or connected to the blood of the sprinkling on the altar which effects the atonement.  The Talmud in one opinion connects the libations to the sprinkling of the blood because atonement brings joy (presumably just like wine) . Rashi spells it out, the wine connects to the blood sprinkling because men are joyous when they get atonement.

How beautiful an idea for us this time of year.  Happines knowing one has improved to the point that we are joyous as if we drank wine.

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