Behar: Trust in Hashem

The parsha opens with talking about the shmitta year- the Shabbos for the land. The year we let the land lie fallow and all can come onto the owners land and take produce.

Every Thursday nite the SD reads the Ishbitzer (in English don’t be impressed) to prepare for Shabbat. This week, his first lesson smacks you in the face.  The Ishbitzersays short and sweet,  when in the land, the people of Israel will be at peace.  Izbitzer says “land” is the heart and when  the land is at rest, then the hearts of Israel will be at peace

How can the Ishbitzer say Israel will be at peace during the Shmitta year and their hearts will be at peace? The SD would go crazy if he could not work for a whole year. The SD is afraid to go away on vacation, let alone walk away from his office  for a year.  Thoughts of disaster, poverty and homelessness come to mind… not rest or peace of heart.

If you think about it, that is the point.  The “heart” is at peace knowing it is following the will of Hashem.  It is the head that makes us crazy, worrying about things.  We should follow our heart that inherently trust in Hashem. We love Hashem. We fear Hashem. These are emotions from the heart.

The SD would like to send a shout out to holy  Emuna Daily that once said this so beautifully.  According to Reb Simcha Bunim of Pscicha,  “My bracha to you is that you should not worry. Hashem does not give to those who worry, he gives to those who ask (pray).”

Shmitta is the ultimate test of faith. Let us find peace in our faith.

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  1. redneckerrav says:

    An extremely insightful Shikker Dovid-
    Something we have to work on every day. Illuminated well

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