Arachin 12: The Titanic Sank, but Band played on

Arachin 12 deals with the singing  in the Temple by the Leveim. The page relates that when the temple was being destroyed the Leveim continued to sing right throught the actual destruction. There is a question as to what they were singing. Was it the daily psalm or a dirge?

The Shikkerdovid thought have crazy it must have been. Mayhem, destruction, killing, blood, but they kept singing.   Titanic comes to mind… or does it.

The SD would like to suggest a different concept.  On June 6, 1944 the British and Irish troops took to shore in Normandy on the coast of  France.  As they attacked, many died, but they were accompanied by Irish bag pipes. Apparently it was an old tradition of one of the regiments that attacked the beaches to go into battle with bagpipes playing.  This is a story  heroism…similiar to the Leveim.   The Leveim trusted in GD.  It is really a story of bravery and trust.  May we all have such emuna and trust in hashem that all will be well… and keep singing.

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  1. Dovi Cohen says:

    Love this, thank you David!


    Dovi Cohen



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