Effectivenes: Temura daf 4-5-6

The Torah has a strange law called Temura in Leviticus 27:33. It says that one should not transfer  or exchange the holiness  animal to be offered with another animal. If does this then both animals are deemed holy.

The Talmud uses this as a springboard for a psychologically fascinating argument between Abaye and Rava. Abaya says that if one does an act in violation of the Torah, it is effective and the act stands. Rava says no, the act is not effective and has no significance.  The Talmud then cites 14 different scenarios.

The most interesting example  is the following: One is obligated to give Teruma (portion of crop or produce give to a kohan) from the best of his produce. If one gives from an inferior segment of his produce is his terumah effective?  The argument goes Abaye says yes, his teruma is effective. Rava says no. Nothing accomplished.

Cleary we all know that our actions have consequences.  But do we get a “do over” in life. Do we miss out if we mess up.  In golf terms do we get to take “a mulligan”  Are we stuck with what we did.

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