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Vayeschanan: Chapter 4 verse 19: Hashem is Universal: How We Worship Differs

The Shikkerdovid always wondered about the righteus Buddist, the charitable Christian, the ethical Muslim.   SD alway felt on a viceral level that Hashem gave each group of people a method of worship.   We eat latkes on Hanuka, Italians eat Fish … Continue reading

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Temura 16: The Talmud Really Gets Human Nature

The daf 16 of Temura has a fascinating Aggaita (story, homily or parable) It speaks about how laws, legalisic logic, strignencies or halachic concetps were forgotten during the death of Moshe.  It mentions someone who helped  find them: Othniel ben … Continue reading

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Temura 14: Psalms 119 : A Time to Do for Gd

Temura 14 is a dry, esoteric discussion of personal sacrifices, communal sacrifices and temura.  All of a sudden, there is a disruption  of this discussion and the Talmud states that it is forbidden to write down the Torah Shel Baal … Continue reading

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