Temura 14: Psalms 119 : A Time to Do for Gd

Temura 14 is a dry, esoteric discussion of personal sacrifices, communal sacrifices and temura.  All of a sudden, there is a disruption  of this discussion and the Talmud states that it is forbidden to write down the Torah Shel Baal Peh or the Oral Law/Tradition.  This is the Mishna.  A discussion ensues about the nature of this prohibition . The  Talmud rebuts this thought that it is prohibited  with a story  or R. Yochanan and Resh Lakish sitting and reading a book about “Aggadita”. How can that be if it is prohibited to write down the oral tradition.  The answer is taken from Psalms 119: There is a time to act for Gd.

“A time to act for Gd “according to Rashi in order to make a holy act, one must set aside a precept of the Torah.   How strange. No definition, no perameter . According to this cryptic Rashi, only to do a “kiddush Hashem”.   This phrase is called on by early hasidic thinkers like the Ishbitz and most recently Shlomo Carlebach.   But where are the boundaries? Where are the peramters?  Is it so narrow as the Talmud states, that one may write down the law in order to preserve the law as  the above story suggests.

THe SD would like to got back to an old idea.  Everyone has their own yardstick with Hashem.   The Torah might be absolute, but its implementation on a personal basis varies with each person and maybe with each moment in their life. No one person can fulfill all the mitzot. No one wants to fulfill all the mitzvot. Who wants to do the mitzva of giving a get? Who to do Yebum?

Each person has their own “time to act for Gd”. Hopefully we will get it right.

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1 Response to Temura 14: Psalms 119 : A Time to Do for Gd

  1. redneckerrav says:

    Deep thought from SD- I think you’re right that some situations require a spur the moment decision that may not be clearly prescribed. Certainly worth thinking about

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