Miketz: Chapter 43:Who is this “guy”

In Miketz the brothers return a second time to Egypt to buy food. They bring back the money that was returned to them from their first trip which was found returned in their bags. The brothers  are nervous and their anxiety is heightened when Joseph directs a “man” to bring them to his house.  The brothes begin ranting to this “man” about the whole history of the events which lead to their return with the money they originally paid with for food. Why are they going on and on with “the  man.”? They really want to tell this to Joseph.  This guy is nobody, Joseph is the authority.  They need to speak to Joseph.

At first, this guy seems to be a low level bureaucrat.   Similar to what we see at DMV when the computer does not  have our name spelled right and the guy behind the counter won’t help. There is a difference.  After sensing the desperation of the brothers, the man says, essentially don’t worry. “peace be with  you, don’t fear.”    Does he know? Did Joseph tell him about the brothers? How does he know it is ok?

WHO IS THIS GUY?   Rashi does not tell us.  The Targum only calls him so kind of minister or appointed one.

The SD would like to go out on a limb.  The “guy “is inside all of us. He is the obstruction from holding us back. He is  out inner  torment or the part which flogs ourselves about our problems and our mistakes.  We need to speak to Joseph or we need to  resolve,  accept but the little man inside will not  lets us pass throught] to peace and serenity. Lord knows, the SD has this huge guy inside, putting up the stumbling blocks toward serenity and faith that all will be well.

But we need to listen to the “guy” also. “Peace is upon you, Don’t fear, Hashem is with you.” These are the hardest lessons to assimilate.  The faith that all will work out. All will be well.  The SD loses so much sleep because he only hears “the man” inside holding him back. The SD needs to also hear the part “peace be with you”

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2 Responses to Miketz: Chapter 43:Who is this “guy”

  1. What a deep insight from the Shikker Dovid. So on point for all of us. Understanding this voice or person inside is half the battle.
    Great to hear from you, SD!!

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