Brachos 49: No Multi Tasking

In Talmud Brachos page 49 there is a discussion about the phrasing of the end of a bracha. There is an opinion that we do not conclude a bracha with two concepts. That each bracha ends with mentioning one idea.   Rashi and the Talmud cites the idea that we don’t “bundle mitzos” or we dont do multiple mitzos together.

Of course this is challenged showing that we do sometimes, end a bracha with two ideas, ie shabbos and yomtov etc.  Then distinctions are drawn.

The Shikerdovid would like to ask a question: What would be so horrible  mentioning two things?  The answer: Multi tasking.

The SD could go on and on about our post modern age, the horrors of the deluge data and  information  that we struggle to organize, contain, shield from others. We spend half our time organizing data. We enter data, we file data. Whole industries are about collecting data and information.   We are busy with too many facts, figures, information.

What is lost is Thinking. Reflection. Listening. Anaylsis  We are engrossed in the collection and management of tons of information. WE love when someone calls, we can hit a few butttons and see all the information.  We are missing the one idea or concept at a time.  The Shikker dovid loves the old Carey Grant movies when people sit behind a large elegant  with no computer. No massess of papers and printouts.  They sit behind the desk, think and listen. One thing at at time.

When making a bracha we should be cognizant of each and every gift hashem is giving us. One gift at a time.

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2 Responses to Brachos 49: No Multi Tasking

  1. Emuna Daily says:

    Excellent! So so true!

  2. Sabrina Ascher says:


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