Taanis 3: Gd does not withhold what the world needs

The Shikkerdovid’s son has returned from his gap year early due to the Corona Virus.  Obviously, the SD and the rest of the world is anxious, nervous, and full of trepidation for the future. It is scary when faced with the unknown.  The son of the SD took upon himself to learn Taanis while he is home so the SD is following along.

On page 3 there is a fascinating discussion: “The Sages did not obligate to mention dew and winds, but if one wants to, one may mention them” (in your amidah).  The answer for not requiring is as follows: According to Rabbi Chanina they are not withheld because the world could not survive without them.

At this time in history with corona virus shaking up our daily lives, radically altering our routine so that even  schools,shuls  and all institutions are afraid to open, it is a comforting message that Hashem would not withhold something that the world needs to survive.

Today, the Emuna Daily in a personal email to the SD assured him that since everyone’s parnassah has been already determined and that we are all under the will of Hashem all will be good.

Let us hope that learning, acts of chesed and loving kindness shall get us through along with the belief that hashem would not restrain or with hold the basic ingredients for our survivial.


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1 Response to Taanis 3: Gd does not withhold what the world needs

  1. Dovi Cohen says:

    Love this message and also your Tetzaveh post. Thank you Rabbi Ascher!

    Still following along from the Lakewood suburbs. -Dovi Cohen


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