Leadership in Time of Crisis: Fallability and Mistakes

The SD is reading a particularly interesting book: Changing the Immutable by Mark Shapiro. The author  is discussing various forms of censorship by rabbis, editors, publishers to ensure that Jewish values, community mores are adhered to.   The censorship exposes mistakes made, poor predictions or bad judgment and then attempts to clean them up.

The author relates the following:

In  January1944 the Belzer Rebbe’s brother gave an address “on the occasion of the emigration of his brother from Hungary.”    In the address the brother assured the crowd that the Rebbe was not leaving “because he was fearful of the future” and predicted no harm done to the Jews of Hungary.  Later that year the deportations began. The author states that the prediction and portion of the address was later deleted when it was published in 1967.    The author states that the publishers had difficulty admitting the Rebbe was wrong in his assessment.

The SD think there is a lesson. The lesson here is not necessarily to reject authority or to take to task a leaders who guess wrong. It is to learn humility and accept mistakes.  Not such easy thing to do.  No one is perfect. No one has a crystal ball. It is how we deal with mistakes. Right now we are living in close quarters. We are on top of each other trying to wait out the unpredictable.  Lets admit our mistakes, allow for mistakes in others and be humble.

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  1. Joe Orlian says:

    Sage advice, as always.

    Hope you, Sabrina and the kids are healthy, safe and not killing each other.

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