My Guardian Angel: Rashi in the Talmud: Shabbos Page 53B

On page 53a-b of Shabbos the Talmud is discussing items which an animal can wear or bear on Shabbat that would not violate carrying on Shabbat.  The Talmud discusses whether an animal wearing a feedbag can be worn so as to make eating easier for the animal The Talmud asks whether an amulet can be worn.  The question turns on whether it is an effective amulet.  The Talmud p0ints to another statement which asks the same question about  a person wearing an amiulet.   The difference boils down to “mazel”. A human has Mazel but an amimal does not have Mazel

Rashi explains the concept of Mazel in a beautiful way.  He says on 53B that a person has an angel who will interecede on his behalf. What is so beautiful about this Rashi? The SD would like to offer the following  Every person has a guardian angel. The angel  is there to  act as our defender and our advocate in the heavenly soheres. However to be a good advocate the angel needs good material.  It is up to us to give our advocate the material to intercede and argue on our behalf.  We need to do good deeds, thoughtful and caring acts of kindness. We need to extend ourselves so when forces gather against us, our guardian angel intercede and protect us.

Let us increase our acts of  loving kindness as a protection during these difficult tims.

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