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Korach The Jealous or Korach The Populist

Conventional wisdom is that Korach was motivated by the jealousy of Moses and Aron; that Korach was rebellious and looking to take power.  In Chapter 16 verse 19 we are told that “the congregation and korach  gathered in front of … Continue reading

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Shabbat 92: The Heavenly Presence and the Jewish Carey Grant

On page 92, there is an esoteric as to carrying on shabbat  and comparing it to the Leveim carrying the mishkan and objects.  The Levim are said to be very tall because they carried the Tabernacle so it was not … Continue reading

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Shabbos 91: Carrying…and Free Will?

We all know that carrying on Shabbat from one domain to another domain (public domain to private or vice versa) is prohibited.  The act of “carrying” requires a minimum measurement  or amount being carried. The measurement /amount differs from various … Continue reading

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