Shabbat 92: The Heavenly Presence and the Jewish Carey Grant

On page 92, there is an esoteric as to carrying on shabbat  and comparing it to the Leveim carrying the mishkan and objects.  The Levim are said to be very tall because they carried the Tabernacle so it was not within 3 amos of the ground.  The Talmud alludes to Moshe’s height as 10 amos.  The Talmud then makes a startling and odd statement:  “The Divine Presence only rests on those who are  wise, strong, rich and tall.”

How strange! Since when does the Torah make such superficial distinctions. Wise one can understand but rich? Tall?  Tall is truly arbitrary.

The SD would like to weigh in. Obviously, someone who is short, lacking muscles and  of modest means can be spiritual and  can have a beautiful relationship with Hashem.

However, when a tall, well-proportioened, well presented person walks down the street wearing a kepah or tzitus or dressed in a manner which clearly indicates he is a Torah Jew, then heads turn.  The world notices these things.  When a Jew is physically presentable and beautiful yet modest and demonstrating “chein”, he stands out and can be a kiddush Hashem.    It is human nature to recognize physical traits of elegance, strength or a strikingly tall physique.  However, when the Jew who is blessed with these attributes can also be modest, sweet, kind and compassionate the greater masses more easily recognizes the Presence of God.  Gd resides in all of us.  It is up to us, to present the heavenly presence in the most beautiful manner possible. So after davening, learning and acts of chesed.. Hit the gym… and Barneys.

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