Shabbos page 146B halacha and respect

The Talmud has a discussion whether one can wrap or wear felt to bring out of the house into a public area. Rav allows and Shmuel prohibits.  The Talmud then retracts that attribution that Rav prohibited.  The Talmud brings a story that Rav was in a town and was about to give a class outside and they brought him a felt pad to sit on.  He refused the pad and everyone assumed it was because he did not permit carrying a felt pad into a public domain. His answer is precious: Rav did not sit because two other Rabbis- Rav Kahana and Rav Assi were present and they did not sit.  Out of respect for them he did not sit on the felt pad.

What a beautiful story.  The beautiful part is that halacha was a springboard to demonstrate a concept of respect, admirations and sensitivity. All things which are the whole point of halacha to being with.

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  1. Eli Schildkraut says:

    Everyone was thinking about the felt pad and Rav was thinking about others. That’s why they call him Rav!

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