Eruvin 19: Who can go to Gan Eden

As Jews we sometimes think that we “own” Hashem.  That we are his chosen people and that somehow he values us higher than others.  This always bothered the SD. Since Hashem runs and rules the world, he also controls , rules and watches over the Hindus sitting along the Ganges, the buddhist in the cold of the Himayalas and the Italians eating great pasta along the canal of Venice.

Eruvin 19a tells us that Gehinnom (hell) has seven names. Gehinnom itself is the the “low place” where people who fall because of the weaknesses.  The Talmud tells of  three opening or  places to enter Gehinnom. One place is in Jerusalem, another is in the ocean and another in the desert. The Talmud then asks, What about Gan Eden? Where are the places to enter Gan Eden.  The Talmud answers that there are three places. 1. Beit Shaan in Israel 2. Arvavia 3. Between the 2 rivers (Euphrates)

The SD would like to use this as a proof that all people, regardless if they put on Tfillin, eat cholent, sit in a succa have a connection to Hashem.  The world has multiple openings to Gan Eden, the same way there are multiple entering to Gehinnom.

Hashem rules all creatures.. whether they eat cholent or not.

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