Eruvin 67b:A Rock in the Ocean and a Memory

The Shikkerdovid is struggling with Eruvin. It is hard. It theoretical. The The Talmud is discussing moving and carrying from you domain to the next. In 67B, it brings up a scenario of a rock sitting in the middle of the ocean. If the rock is larger that 4 x 10 amos one cannot carry from the rock into the ocean. Frankly, the whole thing was beyond me.

But all of a sudden, it brought back a great memory. When the SD was 22 years , he went with 5 other “not too bright” friends down to the Bahamas-Nassau. The whole junket was 4 nights for $285.00. That included flight from Miami to Nassau, ground transporation to the hotel and three nights. Five guys in one room-the place was the ultimate flea bag. I think they also had hourly rates.

One day we were walking along the beach and a guy with a strong “island accent” and a old boat that smelled from oil and fish approached us. He told us he knew a spot in the middle of the ocean with great snorkling. He said we should give him $20 and he would take us out. Stupidly we gave him the money and he drove us about one mile off shore to a rock about 40 feet wide and and 10 feet long about 4 feet above the water line. He dumped us off and drove away.

After an hour of sitting on the rock and snorkling with our plastic masks and snorkels, it started to rain. it got cold We were all wet and started to wonder if they guy was ever coming back. Someone said, “Why did we pay him up front? He is never coming to get us.” The rock grew slippery and colder. How stupid was that.

Finally, the guy showed after another half hour smiling and asking us if we saw the coral and the stuff around the rock. He seemed nice and had no intention of leaving us on the rock, but stupid us for being so trusting and naive.

I had not thought about that rock for years. Until yesterday when the Talmud discussed the rock in the ocean and carrying into the sea. I owe the Talmud for digging up a beautiful memory.

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