Jews and Food: Pesachim page 40B-41

Jews and Food. It is cliche (like Irish and whiskey). A close friend once told me that we actually serve Hashem ritually by eating. These pages in pesachim reinforce this idea. In the mishna we are told that on passover we may NOT mix flour with charoses. We automatically think of seder night charoses of the seder night and dipping into the marror. Hower, charoses here is actually referring to the basting or the coating for the paschal lamb. Later in 41 the daf talks about the manner in which the lamb must be cooked- roasted. The charosiet here is the condiment or flavor enhancer.

The SD loves this. Hashem directs us to eat something tasty to re-enact a seminal moment in our history. By chewing, tasting and ingesting we memoralize our experience. To add to this unique method of memory of Passover, the talmud goes out if its way to enforce that we may even make it tastier.

Our service to Hashem is not through some esoteric or abstruse ideal, but rather by the human and mundane act of eating. Service of Gd through the act of eating reinforces that our relationship with hashem is tangible, not existential. So sit, pick up a fork and serve Hashem.

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