Vaykhal and Spirit of Gd within US

The parsha Vaykhal begins with telling us about keeping shabbos despite the work on the Mishkan (Tabernacle). The Torah then goes on to explain the work done . The Torah then says the work was done by “Bezalal” who was filled with the spirit of Hashem in knowledge and understanding.

The Ishbitzer makes a startling statement. He claims the artisans were working above their level of skill and consciousness. That it was Hashem himself who was guiding their work and skills. They were conduits for his work who guided their skill and created the Miskan through them.

The thought is obvious. Hashem rules the world. He allows the perception that we are creating, or building or constructing our lives. But Hashem is behind all our labors. Without his will nothing is accomplished . It is hard to swallow that according to Ishbitz nothing is done without the will or Hashem. It is hard for modern or post modern man to accept this.

As a final thought, maybe that is why we are told to keep shabbos and refrain from working. Shabbos is reminder that we can get engrossed in our goals, work or aspirations , but ultimately we are bounded or commanded to stop and refrain and keep the shabbos in accordance with will of Gd. It is a manifestation of his will and guidance over us. The shabbos is a reminder that our destiny and product of our work is all in the hands and will of Hashem.

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  1. Robert Marcus says:

    Shabbat Shalom David

    Beautiful thought – important concept to internalize and realize and reflect upon



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