Haftorah Vayikra

The parsha of Vayikra introduces the various sacrifices in the Torah. The prophet reading is Isiaiah chapter 43-44. The prophet rebukes the people by saying your “small” animals mean nothing in light of your sins. However, it is not clear (at least to the SD ) which sins Isaiah is referring to. The commentary in the chumash the SD uses says it refers to idol worship which is referenced later in chapter 44. The language is interesting. In 43 the haftorah starts with “yazarti”-“I fashioned” the people to praise me. But in 44 verse 9, the prophet says “yatzar” the people formed idol images. It seems like the prophet is saying, Hashem created us and yet we did not show gratitude but rather created or form alternate gds or idols.

What is all this have to do with the sacrifices? Sacrifices should be about gratitude. Showing gratitutde by bringing a sacrifice without acting gratefully all day makes no sense. This is particularly hard for the SD. In some ways it is easy to pray, drop or drop a few coins in a box. The hard work being grateful all the time. In recognizing, that even when the ship is sinking, or things are going against you, Hashem is there and not to run to worship other idols or ideals.

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