Succah 35 Is it Really your Esrog? Is it really your money?

There was a glitch a week ago and this did not get posted. Here it is.

On page 35 of Succa, the mishna probes whether an esrog of Maaser Sheni can be used. Just a quick reminder. Maaser Sheni is the second tithe of ten percent of your produce after Teruma and the first tithe. Maaser Sheni is brought to Jerusalem and consumed in Jerusalem. If you have an esrog in your crop and it is taken to Jerusalem as Maaser Sheni can you use it as your esrog. The question is does it satisfy the requirement of “lachem” or yours. On the first day of succos you must use “your” esrog to fulfil the commandment of taking a beautiful fruit.

The question is the ownership status of Maaser Sheni. There is a debate in the Talmud between Rabbi Meir and the Rabbis as to the ownership status of this tithe. While it did come from your land and you did grow it and you did harvest it, the debate is whether Maaser Sheni is your property of property of Gd .

The debate is interesting because there is no doubt that you owned the land, did the work and are allowed to eat and enjoy the produce inside of Jerusalem. The technical question is ownership.The SD would like to weigh in: The question raises the ever present lesson of humility and gratitude. The fact is we are entitled to it eat and enjoy this tithe while in Jerusalem, we should be aware that according to R. Meir, we do not own it. It is a gds property. Not ours. We should carry this lesson to all aspects of our life. Gd gives us gifts to enjoy, but we should remember that they are his and use them properly.

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