Beitzah 1: Foreseen and Unforeseen Events

I guess I have mistakes or slip ups on my mind. I guess it is that time of year.

The Mishna is Beitza one starts: An egg laid on Yom Tov is permissible to eat according to Shammai, but impermissible to eat according according to Hillel.

The Talmud asks: does Shammai not hold of the concept of Muktzeh. Mukzteh is an item that has no use or utility on Shabbos therefore, cannot be touched. Muktze is a stick or a stone or a pencil. Something which is of no use. Using certain items not designated or prepared for before shabbat is prohibited.

The Talmud then seems to distinguish between an item of Muktzeh which was extant prior to the holiday and could have been designated for use and the egg which was not in existance or in the world before the holiday. The Talmud seems to say that “muktza” and “nolad” (the egg born on the holiday) are two separate circumstances and dealt with differently.

THe SD does not know why, but throughout this daf, he could not stop thinking of events of the past year. The things that he knew about, could have done something about, prepared for an event, a circumstance, something that was foreseeable, but failed to do so. It felt like Muktza is all those things, that could have been “designated” or handled or dealt with, but the SD, just dropped the egg. Pun intended.

The Nolad is different. It is out of the blue. Something just comes up and hits you in the face. You did not see it coming. The circumstance was just nolad.

The SD might be waxing a little too philosophical this morning, but for some reason, the two ideas, NOLAD (just born) and Muktza (pre-existing and could have been designated) are like metaphors of life. Things we can know about and brace ourselves for and things that come out of the nowhere.

May the New Year which is coming up bring us the proper state of mind and emotional energy to deal with things we know about and can prepare for and react properly as well as the wisdom, calmness and strength to act when the unforeseen pops up.

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2 Responses to Beitzah 1: Foreseen and Unforeseen Events

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen! What a beautiful bracha for the Jewish people based on your insights on the daf 🙂

  2. Very deep – the SD is a modern Nietzsche replacing Vienna with the UWS!

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