Life Lesson from Koheles 6:1-2

Yesterday we read Koheles. Chapter 6 sentence 1: There is an evil under the sun. Gd gives man riches, property and honor, but Gd gives him no power to use it.

The strange part of this verse is that it is Gd who prevents the happiness. It is Gd who precludes the enjoyment and fulfillment of property.

This bothered the SD. Rabbi Jack Varon offered an explanation based upon the Rambam. He said the Rambam includes in Hilchos Daos alot about belief. It is in Daos because man needs to search, inquire study and focus his mind on things in order to come understand. He says this is similar. Man must train himself not to dwell on materials objects, not to make them so primary in is life . By training his mind, his behavior and his desires Gd will give him the power of understanding and knowledge as to how to enjoy the gifts and blessings of life. Material gifts need our understanding to appreciate and fully enjoy them. It is a gift from Gd to enjoy but we must learn and train for gd to give us that power to use them and enjoy them.

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