Emor: Impurity

Parsha Emor starts with the statement: Tell the Kohanim -sons of Aharon (priests) not to become Tuma-impure by death defilement (contact with dead.).

Ishbitz has a unique understanding of tuma (impurity). He starts by saying “kohanim” refers to all people who understand that all that happens is from God and all that happens is good. Good even if it seems to be painful or detrimental. Isbhitz wisely notes that a person who understands this might become resentful of GD for giving him troubles that he cannot comprehend . Therefore the Torah says dont’ be “tamei” or resentful of what God sends you. Tuma is the product of resentment or even resentment of God’s actions.

This is really the core inner conflict of the religious person- recognizing that God causes pain and suffering. We believe, but the inevitable resentment naturally follows.

The lesson is resentment is like impurity or maybe according to Isbitz resentment is impurity incarnate. Resentment is mars our soul the same as a dead body contaminates.

This is the challenge: Not to allow resentment of Gd’s will mar or bring impurity to our soul.

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