Nazir 66: Ironic Ending and Full Circle

The last page of Nair ends with a little irony. The last page has a funny argument. Rav tell his son to grab the cup of wine to lead the bircat hamazon because leading the benching is better. Rabbi Yose disagrees. Then the Talmud says the famous saying that scholars enhance peace in the word. What does grabbing a cup to lead the benching have to do with peace in the world? It would appear to be the opposite. Grabbing leads to disagreement. Furthermore, in the tractate of Nazir, the whole premise and institution of Nazir is a rejection of wine . The Nazir is not allowed to drinke wine. The whole tractate is a rejection of wine.

The Shikkerdovid had a rabbi who said every Tractate comes full circle. Turn back to the front and first page. The first page says one can become a nazir by making references to Nazir or similar to words to Nazir or pointing to a nazir can make you a nazir. The Talmud says, it is like a “handle” or grabbing onto the phrase or grabbing a reference to the person.

What is the connection to the last page and the first page. Nazir is about extreme behavior We can grab in extreme. We can grab to negate something Hashem gave us to enjoy. We can grab and reject despite being permitted. Or the end of the tractate: we can grab and usurp a beautiful mitzvah with wine. The challenge is finding the medium of a controlled and moderate life.

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  1. A very insightful and nuanced Shikker Dovid-so glad to have you as my tour guide

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