Parsha Tazria: Nothing Stays in Vegas

Parsha Tazria begins with the process a women undergoes after giving birth. There is a period of separation and then binging sacrifices. Immediately after that is the discussion of the “Metzora”-( the leper) which we are told homilectically is the punishment for lashon hora or gossip…What is the connection between child birth and the leper?

The SD would like to make a comparison. They both progress from hidden to revealed very quickly.

The birth of a child starts with an act that is usually done in extreme privacy. In total seclusion. Only two people are aware of the act. But quickly the act is revealed. A women begins to look pregnant and ultimately a child is the product of the secluded act.

Similarly, lashon hora is usually done by people who think they are having a private or secure communication. They talk of other people secretively. Gossip usually starts with this, “Promise not to repeat this… but did you hear”. The gossipers think they are having a private or secure communication. They thnk no one else will know. Then the metzora hits They get skin lesions all over. The Kohan is called, they are taken out of the camp of Israel and secluded. It is quickly a public humiliation. The sin is revealed.

What is the connection: Everything. eventually is revealed. Both good and bad. All is revealed, if not to man then at least to Hashem. Nothing ever can stay really hidden.

This week’s daf yomi-Sota page 22b talks how the heavenly Court knows all. both hidden and revealed.

When it comes to human events- Nothing stays in Vegas.

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3 Responses to Parsha Tazria: Nothing Stays in Vegas

  1. Josh Lukeman says:

    Love this

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Very sobering- As always a spot on observation from the Shikker David.

  3. Michael Altman says:

    Yashar koach. Well done.

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