False Witness

In parshat Shoftim the famous prohibition about bearing false witness and the concept of Eidem Zommin is discussed. The Torah tells that if two witnesses are found to be lying , they are punished by what they “intended to do.” (C’asher Zomam) The Torah then states something a little unique. After stating the prohibition the Torah gives another warning

Chapter19 verse 20: “And those that remain shall hear and fear and not further do again this thing of evil. ” Rashi comments, it is necessary to proclaim “so and so” is being punished by the court for being a false witness.

Why the additional exhortation? Why the proclamation of this particular sin?

The Shikker Dovid would like to humbly weigh in. It seems to the Shikker Dovid that Gd is merciful. Gd can look away or forgive individual imperfections or weakness. He can excuse our personal failings. We are told Gd can judge is leniently or mercifully.

However, once we point the finger at others, we purposefully accuse others. We lose that merit of leniency. If we want mercy or leniency, we must show others the same. By falsely exposing others, we open ourselves up to Gd’s closer inspection. Therefore, the extra exhortation telling of the proclamation is to demonstrate exposing others only exposes ourselves. If we expect mercy or leniency from Gd, we cannot falsely expose the flaws in others… even if they are’t that false.

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