Ki Tessa- You are Your Mitzvot

The parsha opens with giving of the shekel. We are told to count shekels which represent the people for the census rather than th person themselves. in order that plague shall not afflict them. (Chapter , 11-13). Rashi tells us that the reason the shekel is counted rather than the person is to avoid “ayin hora” or the evil eye that occurs through counting individuals. In pasuk 12, the Torah says”Vinutnu” and you shall give as a ransom for your soul.

The Bal Haturim notes the word (Vinutnu ) in Hebrew in spell the same backwards and forwards. Meaning if you reverse the letters, the word is the same. The Bal Haturim says because when you give, the giving will come back to you. The person will lose nothing.

The Bal Haturim is very nice for a shul or school giving campaign, but how does that help the individual if he really is not sacficing anything?

The Shikkerdovid believes your essence is your mitzvot and your actions. Your sacrifices define the individual. Just as your shekel is counted rather than your person, your mitzvot represent the person. When the person acts or gives within their means and appropriate for your means or ability, the person is enhancing the self. You are defining your “self.” You are not losing anything, rather you are declaring your spiritual essence. Therefore, just as the shekel stands for each person, your sacrifices, mitzovit or chesed or charity define the person and therefore, nothing is lost. Rather the self is realized. You are Your Mitzvot. You are your sacrifices.

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