Oaths and Circumcision- Talmud Nedarim

The daf yomi today (Nedarim-31) started a funny Mishna- not to benefit from someone who is not circumcised. The Talmud then goes into the whole story of Moshe giving birth to his son at the same time he get the commandment to go to Egypt. On the way, it becomes time to circumcise his son, but he fails to do so as he is travelling and the Angel of death tries to take the son. He is saved by the mother. The reason the Talmud gives ( and Rashi quotes this story in the Humash) is that he made hotel arrangments before taking care of the Bris.

The Shikkerdovid would like to ask, Isnt Hashem being a little hard on Moshe? After all, Hashem is the one who commanded him to travel. Shouldn’t Hashem “cut him some slack” (no pun intended). The only answer is kind of grim. The reality is sometimes, we are called upon to make impossible choices. Sometimes we have to be in two places at once, or need to satisfy to people at the same time. LIfe gives us impossible, no win situations. It is up to us to dig deep and make it all work. This is where Moshe was challenged, juggle his family, his obligations to his people and his Gd.

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2 Responses to Oaths and Circumcision- Talmud Nedarim

  1. Jonathan says:

    Agreed- often times choice is lesser of evils. It’s good to see our Patriarchs struggling with this as we do.

  2. Edison says:

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