Challenge v. Bad

In Parshat Vayechi Jacob meets Pharoah. Pharoah asks him, “how old are you.” Jacob responds the “years of my Megora (commonly referred to as “sojurns”) are 130. Megora-sojurns implies out of your land/ foreign place/ burdened. The response does not really match the question. Rashi says Jacob means all his years he was out of his place, intransient.

Jacob finally, gets to the answer. “few and bad have been the days of my life.”

The SHikkerdovid would like to point out that the text seems split. The first part is the “years of my megora (sojurns) and the second, “the years are bad and short.’
The Shikkerdovid would like to distinguish between them. Sojurns seems to mean challenges. Sojurn seems to mean the obstacles. The bad is bad.

Maybe the lesson is that we have to distinguish between challenge and bad. We must differentiate between challenge o and bad. The obstacles provide tests of faith and character. Bad is just bad.

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  1. Jonathan Field says:

    But is bad but it’s all good

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