Existentially Kosher

In this week’s parsha the Torah tells us : Gd spoke to Moshe, to Aron who should say to them. Speak to the Children of Israel telling them these living animals you may eat. Rashi asks why is the Children of Israel included. Rashi says something dramatic. All people, including the Aaron’s sons are equally capable of spreading the message since they accepted the loss of Nadav and Avihu equally.

Secondly. Rabbi Schwartz pointed to a Rambam that said it is an independent mitza to not only eat kosher animals, but to learn and identify which ones are kosher. Rabbi Schwartz said, even the vegetarian who has no intention of eating them must learn. He said, if someone was on a desert island alone, they should be able to identify kosher animals.

Whey the separate mitzva of learning and the broadbase of people who can transmit?

The Shikkerdovid would like to offer a broader explanation as to why all people can transmit this idea and why there is a separate mitva for learning kashrus. Kosher means appropriate. Eating the kosher animal is only one aspect of our need to be, act, conduct speak in a kosher manner. The need for broadbased learning about kosher animals is important because it reminds us to learn constantly about being ‘existentially kosher.” We can learn to be kosher (or unkosher) from all.

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