Holy Isbitzer on Korach

The famous Shlomo Carlebach always learned the Ishbitz. The Shikkerdovid thinks it is because the Ishbitzer tries to look at the sins in the Torah in different manner. In Korach, the Isbitzer asks the famous question why the part of Tzitzus from Shlach is followed by the Korach Rebellion. Karachi asserted that a tallis made all of Tchalet (which teaches fear of hashed) should not be exempted from Tzizit (fear of Gd). The Ishbitzer then launches into his famous idea, “the will of Hashem as is it exists in the world depends on how one sees it.”

The Ishbitz says “our free will is no more consequential than a peel of garlic” as everything flows from Hashem. The only thing we really have is the desire to serve Hashem which is in our hearts.

How does this all factor in Korach. The Ishbitzer is very strange. But the SD would like to suggest that it has to do with your view of the world. As with Tzitizus -we look at them (as the pasuk says “we see them’) some people wear them outside. The Ishbitz says the world is not as we see it. We cannot judge or look at events the say way one can look at one Tzitus to determine their actions. The message of Korach is maybe we can’t look at people’s failing, mistakes or even sins and presume we know if they are right and wrong. We can only look into our own hearts to see the desire to serve Hashem.

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  1. I think the lesson of Korach is that when a power-hungry political candidate with a huge ego poses as a “man (or woman) of the people” but is really only interested obtaining power for him (or her) self, Hashem should open the earth and swallow him (or her) up to prevent such a horrible happening. My guess is that a significant number of Americans view the candidate they oppose in this election as being Korach-like in this regard. I certainly do.

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