Pesachim3: Passover The Holiday of Speech

The Talmud Pesachim starts with a mishna that say on the “ohr” (light) of the 14th we do a search for chametz. The Talmud then spends two pages discussing is “ohr” refer to day or night. Finally after several attempts it finds a Braisa that says exactly what it wants: it refers to night. The Talmud seems to ask, why this whole thing about “ohr” -light instead of night. The answer: The Talmud and Torah prefers not to use coarse speech. Rashi says, night is not necessarily coarse, but is in not really uplifting or refined so Light is preferred. The Talmud goes on to show how refined speech is preferable.

How odd! Here we are discussing Passover-the holiday of Matza, no leaven products and the Talmud starts with speech. The answer is in the name of the holiday itself: “pe” or mouth and “sach”-speech. Pesach is “mouth speech.” Usually referring to speaking and discussing the Hagada.

The SD needs to confess that oftentimes (especially when imbibing) he has a pretty bad potty mouth. The potty mouth is one of the SD many faults that despite tremendous effort, has never been overcome.

Maybe this is the lesson of Passover. Before eating Matza (putting food in) We need to watch what comes out. The SD will now work on the potty mouth.

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2 Responses to Pesachim3: Passover The Holiday of Speech

  1. richard ascher says:

    your potty mouth comes from your mothers side of the family. The Aschers were always very refined.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe that by Peasch of this upcoming year, the SD will have a completely refined mouth!

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