Pesachim 80: Fear of Missing Out-FOMO

Page 80 continues this esoteric discussion about bringing the Pesach offering when a majority of the people of Israel are in a state of Tumah (impurity) which is allowed. The question arises what if the situation is a 50-50 meaning half are not tuma and half are tumah. One suggestion is to make one of the pure people impure by touching a dead creepy crawler (sheretz), thereby breaking the even deadlock and making the majority impure so the sacrifice can be brought. As explained, when the majority of people of Israel are in a state of impurity, it can be brought. The second opinion is, why not just send someone far away, thereby breaking the tie that way.

Rav Nachman gives a snarky, but insightful answer. Who is pulling up their tent pegs and leaving Jerusalem. Interestingly, he does not slight the first option of making someone impure. He thinks it is worse to leave, rather than become impure.

Why? The SD would like to give an answer. FOMO. Who wants to leave Jerusalem in the spring. Who wants to leave the great masses of people who gathered from all over Israel and maybe all over the known world to celebrate. It is a social scene. Even in the ancient world, the Rabbis realized how powerful the need to socialize can be. Given the bizarre times (the Unprecedent) we live in: no one can see a smile, no one can shake hands; hug; eat together. We are all literally starving to be together. We are all experiencing some FOMO. The lesson from page 80 is that we need to start socializing, we need to start recoginzing we are social creatures who crave each other.

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1 Response to Pesachim 80: Fear of Missing Out-FOMO

  1. Oliver Mitchell says:

    great analysis, the original FOMO!

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