Fleeing to the Good Side

In the Haftorah for Parshat Chukat, we are told of the birth of Yeftach. His mother is a “zona” and his father’s rightful children push him out. The Haftorah uses an interesting word for his leaving. The haftorah uses the word “flee” rather than leave (yatza). He “flees” to the land of Tov. (good). At Tov he meets a bunch of poor guys, which he gathers together. The Haftorah calls these people ’empty” or down and out. Together, they leave (yatza) as a unit. Together they become a formidable unit and fight Amon and enemies of Israel.

The Shikker Dovid sees a small lesson in “Flee’ to Tov. Yiftach leaves a place where people look down on his status and goes to Tov where simple, poor people live. Together they “yatza” as a force of good against the enemies of Israel The lesson for the Shikker Dovid is surround yourself with Tov. Surround yourself with nice and simple people who have good values and not necessarily material goods.

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