Love Hashem…..and a Puzzling Rashi.

In Devarim, Chapter 11, pasuk 13, the famous second paragraph of the Shema states: Love your Gd and serve your Gd with all you heart and al your soul.

Rashi says: Do not say, I shall learn to become a rav or to become rich, or to receive reward, do your actions out of love and honor will come.

How strange: love Gd and honor will come? Of all things that Rashi says, Honor is the least needed. Honor is haughty, and frivolous. The other aspirations , acquiring wealth or becoming a Rav are legitimate needs, or proper attainments. Honor is the least proper. Why would Rashi Honor comes of loving Hashem? This has really puzzled the Shikker Dovid.

THe Shikker Dovid would like to offer an explanation. The honor (“kavod”) does not attach to the person who is loving hashem, but rather is an existential honor. It is an honor that attaches to the Torah or the Torah way of life. The text of Rashi says, “in the end honor will come.” It does not say to whom the honor attaches, rather, that “honor will come.”

By doing loving acts of kindness, the honor of the Torah is enhanced and in an existential fashion, the honor of the Jew is enhanced.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey! yasher koach! that is deep!amen!

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