Human Nature

The parsha Bahalotcha teaches a valuable lesson. In Chapter 11 Verse 23, the Torah says “And Gd says to Moses, is the hand of gd “short” and now you shall see my words or not.” What does this mean. Difficult to understand (even in the English)

Rashi uses this to give insight into human behavior. Rashi quotes Raban Gamliel that the people complaining are only seeking a pretext . The complainer’s aren’t really concerned about the food, rather they want to make issues. If you give them, big animals to eat, they will want small animals, if you give them small animals they will want sheep, if you give them chicken, they will want fish. Human nature on steroids.

Clearly Rashi has an agenda for this pasuk. The Shikkerdovid could write pages. The lesson is simple. Be happy with what you have. Don’ t seek to pick a fight or question what is given to you. All are gifts from Above.

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  1. maltman says:

    Mihu ashir? Hasamayach bichelko.

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