A Shikkerdovid Mother’s Day Thought-from Bava Basra

As we near the end of Bava Basra in Day yomi, we are learning the chapter of inheritances known as “Yash Nochlin” or “these are the inheritances’. As it sounds it sets out the laws of inheritances. The mishna states that a son inherits his mother, but a mother does not inherit her son. The Talmud then goes on to prove pronouncement from verses in the Torah using the kal v’chomer method or “a fortiorii” analysis of text.

To the Shikkerdovid, the answer is simple. A mother is the consummate giver. She gives life, she sustains life. Their is no love in the universe like a mother a child. There is an old expression that one mother can care for 20 children, but 20 children cannot care for one mother. In fact, the concept of a “Jewish Mother” has become a cliche for extreme loving, affection to the point of comical. The mother is always giving. The mother never takes. In our Jewish experience, the father might be responsible for the Jewish education, but the mother is responsible for imparting the values at home. She is really the one who imbues the ethos of Judaism into children.

The reason for this mishna is obvious. The mother is a constant giver. She displays the highest of Jewish values. A mother is a metaphor for Jewish giving and not taking. Taking is antithetical to the role of a mother. So today, remember the great Jewish giver-MOM>

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  1. Jonathan D. Field, MD says:

    Wonderful- make sure your mom reads this

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