Parsha Tetzaveh: Clothes

In parsha Tetzaveh, chapter 28 pasuk  2, the torah tells us “to make holy clothes for your brother Aron to honor and glory. For whose honor and whose glory?

The Ramban starts by saying that the clothes of the kohan are like clothes of the king, majestic, royal.  This would seem that it is to honor the person -kohan.  But then he changes his direction and says, according to Kabbalah. The clothes are to honor and glory Hashem.

Cleary honoring  Hashem  is a better answer. So why dosent the Torah make it explicit. Why the ambiguuous language?   Clothing is ambiguous.  Clothes have the potential to mask or hide  who we really are.   Clothing can hide imperfections.

Purim is next weeek.  It is customary to put on costumes or dress flamboyantly.  It is demonstrate on Purim we are different or changed. We hide who we really are in outlandish costumes.  It is to remind us that one day a year we can be different, dress like a bear or a clown- be a little ambiguous.

The rest of the year there can be no ambiguity. We have to be real, honest and not hide behind things like clothes or affectations.  We cannot allow the flashy bling of clothes hide our true self.

All we have should  be for the honor and glory of Hashem.


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