Rise and Remove

The Shikker Dovid loves when one word changes the meaning of pasuk in the Torah, or when Rashi puts a new spin on an idea with one word.

In parshat Korach, chapter 16, verse 23-4: Gd spoke to Moshe saying: speak to the congregation saying Haalu (usually translated as rise/go up as in “aliyah’) from around the tabernacle or tent of Korach and Dosan v’Aviram.”

As stated, the word Haalu usually translates loosely as rise or go up. Rashi does not like how that fits and refers the reader to the Targum. The Targum uses the Aramaic word for “remove” instead of go up or rise.

There is a qualitative difference between rise and remove. Rise implies ascending a higher level whereas remove does not ostensibly share that quality. However, in the context of this sentence with Korach, “remove” does have that nuance. By removing oneself from the evil intentions of Korach, one does elevate.

The lesson is clear, many times, we can achieve a higher spiritual dimension by just walking away or removing ourselves from negative influences. No heroic action is needed- just slip away and ascend to a higher level.

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