Shikker Dovid All Favorite Pasuk- Annual Post

The Shikker Dovid’s favorite pasuk in the entire Torah is in parsha of Ki Tavo. In Chapter28, verse 67, the Rebuke:

In the morning you will say, give me the evening, and in the evening you will say give me the morning for what you will fear and see

Rashi explains that in that the pain will increase continually and get worse and worse.

However, as the Shikkerdovid has explained in the past, that this pasuk explains that real misery is never being happy with your current condition. The ultimate curse is that wherever and whatever you have, you are perpetually unhappy- and want the opposite. Whatever your condition or state of being, you are never happy. A content person is always content “in the moment”. An unhappy person, can be sitting on top of the world and want something else or want to be somewhere else. Always in search but ultimately never achieving happiness.

This is the ultimate curse.

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4 Responses to Shikker Dovid All Favorite Pasuk- Annual Post

  1. Joshua M. Feldman says:

    Really? Mine is “Vayiftach Hashem es pi ha’ason”.

    No Rashi needed. ;->

  2. Jeremy says:

    Love it!

    On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 10:50 AM, ShikkerDovid

  3. maltman says:

    My favorite is from the Soncino translation (Art Scroll messes it up) from Parshat Balak: “Bilam smote his ass and it spoke unto him saying …” You can’t top that and respectfully, no miphorshim can improve upon it.

    • shikkerdovid says:


      Your charm, wit and erudition do you justice in picking the most choice of pesukim.


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